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Images of Ireland - Rent a car

Rent a car

One way to travel Ireland is to rent a car. This little Europcar - fellow was our reliable companion for 3 weeks and brought us hill up and down. Small but perfect to find places abroad the tourist tracks. The country roads are not in best form, even the national roads are kinda narrow and if you happen to have a tractor in front of you ... enjoy creeping with 15 miles/hour. But you will have enough time to look at the landscape, which is, thank God, not spoiled by highways in Ireland.

Take the bus

A couple of times I travelled Ireland by bus. But I wouldn't really recommend to do so, unless you know exactly where to go and who picks you up at the busstop. Still it's a relaxed way to go from A to B and allows a view on the real Ireland. Young guys squat together on the backseat, reading porns, a mother changes nappies, children spread icecream all over the seat, mobiles with traditional-tune or Elvis ringtone every minute, snoaring old men, young girls giggle about the freak tourist ... I love to take the overland bus, but in the city it's a pain, a mile takes eternities. Don't mind this picture. Bus Eireann has modern vehicles now and seems to solve the delays in schedule. But in Dublin it's different. Don't think, you might be too late for the last bus after a long pub session, the bus will be later than you anyway.

Images of Ireland - Take the bus
Images of Ireland - Wait for the train

Wait for the train

What counts for busses is even worse for Irish railways. Only one or two connections a day even between bigger towns and cities is all you get. The minister of transport only supports the expansion of the road networks. The railway seems to die slowly. Therefore Platform 11 was found, an action group for public transport, that is very well known and successful in Ireland. Thomas Sheridan, spokesman of the group, said in an interview on Radio Clare FN at 23. October 2003:

"We are quite unique in this country. We are probably the last country in Europe, that sees roads and motorways as the endgame in transport."

Good news and another discussion on Radio Clare


Romantic rural sight, isn't it? Tractors are at home in Ireland ... at least the famous Fergusons. Harry Ferguson was born in a small Irish town in County Down. He showed mechanical aptitude at a very early stage in life and showed no inclination towards farming much to his fathers disgust. More about him and his tractors on the 'Fergy'- Site No clue, if this is a Ferguson, I am no professional with tractors, but I know about the problem of making hay with or without machines.

Images of Ireland - Tractor
Images of Ireland - Oldtimer


Would this vehicle make a mile without breakdown? It's just a motionless tourist attraction in Glengariff, County Cork. Traditional music was what I expected, but they had a country music festival the night we stayed there, not my favourite though. So I went to bed, only to hear my favourite Irish song through the open window just when I fell asleep. Listen to:
The town I love so well sung by Jim Brannigan.

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