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Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet Chimneys


Belmullet in the very west of County Mayo, has a landmark, that is to be seen from almost every angle of the Mullet Pensinsula. The huge watertanks provide town and countryside with amazingly clear water.
The towns chimneys smell of turffires, but most houses are heated with oil now. The attempt to extract gas from the Atlantic Ocean in front of the Belmullet shore was turned down by 'An Bord Pleanala', the planning appeals board. It will be built though 12 miles north from Belmullet in Shruwaddacon.

Wall Painting

Old legends, political murals, scenes of modern life and advertisements are painted on many walls in Ireland. This lovely picture was created by Belmullet's children many years ago. Wall paintings have a long tradition, not only in Ireland. The oldest paintings are to find in and on all kinds of spiritual buildings. The pictures still tell stories of Gods and Kings. May be they speak more to our heart than the spoken word in a good or hateful way. Take a look at murals in Belfast and you know what I mean.

Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet Wallpainting
Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet Old House

Old Style House

Belmullet has a lot of well restored old houses, treasured and painted in the old style. This pub was closed, but has opened the doors again. There are many others of all styles as well. Once a year in the end of July the International Folk Arts Festival takes place in Belmullet. The evening, when we listened, the locals were very much interested in Spanish ladies dancing the Flamenco, only a view listened to their own local hero, David Munnelly, a brilliant accordeon player.
Listen to David and some Setdance streetmusic (a waltz) live from the Feile Iorras Festival Belmullet 2002.

New Architecture

Visitors, who expect Ireland to be a country full of thatched cottages may be disappointed to see more new bungalows in the American Denver-Style than typical old houses. And to say it upfront, they all have the bathroom facilities inside the house, honestly! Irish architecture changed massivly during the last decades. Belmullet tries to respect the old style in ways.

Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet New Houses
Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet Archway

Modern Archway

A sign for good neighborhood - the archway connects two houses, may be senior and junior family.
Belmullet is a small town, one of those, where everybody knows everybody. The shopping scene satisfies most needs. Next bigger town is Ballina for unnecessary needs such as cinema or wellness-centre. Luckily enough the lovely and interesting countryside is never far in Belmullet. The Mullet Peninsula is very attractive for tourists.


Nice restaurant, not really made for dogs. And the meals they serve are definitly much better than dogsfood. Dogs are all around in Belmullet though to beg for a biscuit (well, to be honest, the male dogs go to town to wait for the females, as you can read on the Irish dogs page).

Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet Restaurant
Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet Internet Shop

Internet Shop

Enternet West - never thought to find an internet shop in the bogs, but they are almost everywhere in Ireland and most of them have broadband now. Well, that isn't a help really for broken online connections, which happens a lot due to thunderstorms and Eircom.

Fire Brigade

After almost 30 years, based in rented accomodation in various parts of the town, Mayo Co. Council started to build a new Fire Station. In December 1986 the Fire Brigade moved into this new premises. The building has a two bay fire tender room, a lecture room, a breathing apparatus room, a canteen, a workshop, a training tower consisting of 6 flooor levels and of course a watch-room. In case of emergency dial 999 or 112.

Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet Firebrigade
Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet Montessori school

Montessori School

A special school started good work here in a small bungalow in the west of Ireland. It moved to a purpose-built building. Montessori schools support children in a special way of learning. With fully qualified and experienced staff, two of which are qualified Montessori teachers, 'Tír na n-Óg' aims to carry out a top quality service with a variety of services and options to suit both, working and non working parents. Contact Mary O'Boyle on any of the following numbers 097-82977 or 81812 or 086-3193225.


Funny, to have a swimmingpool right next to the ocean, but since some children drowned in Belmullet as to read in the Travellers Story it's a good idea to have a safe pool for swimming classes. And would you believe, even on windy, cold days people are actually using the pool. Voluntary lifeguards are always around. Mayo has an excellent record for the safety of its bathing areas and it's lifeguarding service ranks among the best in Ireland.

Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet Swimming Pool
Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet Tourist Information

Tourist Information

Have you ever seen such an ugly tourist information? But the looks can't justify the service, which is pretty good and well informed. I was even guided on my search for an internetaccess, when the lines in the internet shop were down. The premises are to the right, when you enter Belmullet from Ballina - BUT - I just got information, that the old building is now gone and replaced by a completely new commercial property with an apartment block. I am happy to hear that, even that the old one had a style.

Mullet Peninsula Info

This WAS a house, now the remaining walls shelter tourists from the ever blowing wind, while they try to read the old map of the Mullet Peninsula. By far not all roads and paths are outlined. Better to ask for a detailed map in the B&B. Some treasures are not easy to find without a good description, and even then ...... (too embarrassed to go on, me that is)

Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet Info Wall
Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet Ruin

Ruins of time

One thing I like about Ireland is the respect for ruins of all kinds. Houses, cars, boats ... may they break down in their own time. Don't dare to call this wasted ground or garbage ... it is not. On the backside of this wall the wallpapers tell stories of old decor fashions, a table was there, a chair, just the cup of tea was missing. And the window above the door opens the view to the omnipresent watertanks. By the way, the walls looked fresh painted. So what?

B&B Drom Caoin Sign

4 miles ... and a place of Irish hospitality is waiting for the tired biker or wanderer. They did right to install the sign for especially this B&B miles before Belmullet appears. Let me tell you, why.

Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet B&B Drom Caoin Sign
Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet B&B Drom Caoin

B&B Drom Caoin

Drom Caoin is simply the best B&B of Ireland. Comfortable rooms, delicious breakfast (Maírín won several breakfast awards) and fresh fish or selfcatering are available. Maírín, who teaches reception skills and food hygiene and other things about running a B&B and Gerry, who is teacher at the local school and dog Fionn, who watches everything, will help to have an unforgetable holiday.

B&B Drom Caoin

But the professional service is not all you get. Guests are treated as friends. There's always time for a chat and loads of advices and information about the area are available. Maírín and Gerry are passionate gardeners and so the garden is a little paradise with ocean view and unbelievable sunsets. It's a place for perfect relaxation.
Good Lord, I have to be there again as soon as possible.

Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Belmullet B&B Drom Caoin

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