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Traditional Music in Dublin

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Images of Ireland - Dublin Goggarty's Pub - Seishun

Goggarty's - Seishun

Goggarty's Pub is situated in the middle of Dublin's Temple Bar. Livemusic upstairs in the afternoon and up to 2am. It's just sessiontime, more or less wellknown musicians come together to entertain the tourists from all over the world. I know, some Dubliner's don't like this kind of pub , as mentioned on, but at least in 2001 they had really good craic and the food is still good.

Goggarty's - Stephen Leech

This virtous banjoplayer was the only one who seemed to have a contract with the pub, at least he was busy advertising for a CD to sell ( '... and we still have this wonderful CD, in the sale, only today ...' about 10 times that night). But for those who like trad. Irish music it's a nice memory. Give it a try.
Stephen himself was travelling with the Fureys and other wellknown bands.

Images of Ireland - Dublin Goggarty's Pub - Stephen Leech
Images of Ireland - Dublin Goggarty's Pub - Accordeon

Goggarty's - Accordeon

It was fascinating to listen to this old fashioned musician, who was so kind to offer me a place to sit on his accordeon box. A good place, indeed, close to musicians and the musicboxes. But after a while I got used to the output level. Hours later, in the silence of the night, his accordeonplay still went on in my ears.

Goggarty's - Bodhran

Everybody is welcome in this round, no matter, how professional. Only needed ability on this instrument is a feeling for rhythm and speed and a relaxed wrist.
The Bodhran is the heartbeat of Irish Music. And as you can see, this guy beats the drum with all his heart.

Images of Ireland - Dublin Goggarty's Pub - Bodhran
Images of Ireland - Dublin Goggarty's Pub - Tinwhistle

Goggarty's - Tin Whistle

Almost every tourist buys one, but only a few can play this flute without tearing the audience's ears. Tin Whistles are available in several keys. For beginners I would recommend the lowest, which hurts the ears least.

Goggarty's - Tinwhistle

This lad here was as chatty with words as he was with the Tin Whistle. A very quick player, a wizzard on the flute, who always found time in the middle of a speeding jig or reel, to joke or flirt with the audience.

Images of Ireland - Dublin Goggarty's Pub - Tinwhistle
Dublin Harcourt's Pub - Eamonn de Barra / Mick Broderick

Harcourt's - Eamonn de Barra / Mick Boderick

Now .. this guy in the front is a brilliant flautist - Eamonn de Barra. He, Mick Broderick in the back and Peter Browne did their best to entertain a tired Austrian tourist group who went to bed after dinner, a Spanish group who were behaving like bulls, but were off soon (thank God) and the two of us who listened unto the end of their gig --- they were payed for 4 hours and so they played 4 hours ... a private concert.

Harcourt's - Eamonn de Barra / Peter Browne

Peter Brown here on the accordeon ... Peter is one of the shining young accordion players coming from Ireland today. He has been playing since he was 7 years old and has learnt his music from well-known Dublin musician Raymond Smith. He has won many competitions in Ireland, most notably the Dublin and Leinster Fleadhs.

Images of Ireland - Dublin Harcourt's Pub - Eamonn de Barra / Peter Browne
Images of Ireland - Dublin Goggarty's Pub - Flute /Accordeon

Goggarty's - Flute / Accordeon

Next night in Goggarty's again, who walked in to play the flute and accordeon in the session? Eamonn and Peter. They can't get enough of music and playing for tourists in a pub doesn't bother them at all, even that they deserve something better.
Eamonn was born in Dublin where he now lives. He began to play music at a young age under the direction of Sean 0'Tuama. He comes from one of the most musical homes in Dublin, where his family has a long tradition of music par excellence

Goggarty's - Dancing Hands

Last autumn I met Eamonn coincidently on the German Irish Folkfestival. We had talked for a while when they took a rest at Harcourīs and I told him about this festival and that he should apply for. Now - there he was. He didn't have to apply, actually they did ask him, cause he is the winner of several Awards and they only take the best. What a joy to see him again and to hear his new band ... SLIDE, the most innovative and dynamic traditional band I ever heard.

Images of Ireland - Dublin Goggarty's Pub - Dancing Hands
Images of Ireland - Dublin Goggarty's Pub - Fiddle

Goggarty's - Fiddle

If one day you want to take part in such a session, just start learning an instrument now. This young fiddler came from Australia. Concentrated he followed the melodies, he never heard before, but could join in after a few moments of listening. He was pretty good.
The MSN - Traditional Irish Music - group offers hundreds of links to websites with online-help for playing tradtional music.

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