Due to having just an ordinary little camera I tried to stitch a few pictures to a panorama, just to give an impression of breathtaking landscapes or amazing monuments. I did my best to make believe, it's one image, but it's not perfect at all. Don't mind that. Click forward or on a particular picture. More about the real art of Quilts here.


Images of Ireland - 001 Co.Kerry - Connor Pass Images of Ireland - 006 Co.Mayo - Ceide Fields
Images of Ireland - 002 Co.Kerry - Staigue Fort Images of Ireland - 007 Co.Mayo - Louisburgh
Images of Ireland - 003 Co.Kerry - Lakes of Killarney Ladies View Images of Ireland - 008 Co.Waterford - River Suir
Images of Ireland - 004 Co.Kerry - Lakes of KillarneyImages of Ireland - 009 Co.Tipperary - The Vee
Images of Ireland - 005 Co.Kerry - Ring of KerryImages of Ireland - 010 Co.Offaly - Clonfert

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