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Images of Ireland - Dublin Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden - Visitors

The Botanical Garden in Glasnevin, Dublin's north, is probably the quietest place in the city and well worth a visit. Besides all kinds of trees and typical wildflowers of Ireland it houses an exhibition of golf green and interesting exotic plants. But first of all it is a lovely park to relax. It's not a tourist attraction yet, thank God, the Dubliners use it as a park for the weekends. The entrance is free. Open: Mon–Sat 9 am to 6 pm (Winter 4 pm), Sun 11 am to 6 pm (Winter 4 pm)

Botanical Garden - Function

Behind the curtains a botanical garden is a lot more than just a nice sight. They are built to support botanical teaching and researches by providing living plant material, controlled growth environments, glasshouses and other experimental facilities. Many botanical gardens also house Rare and Threatened Plant Genebanks.

Images of Ireland - Dublin Botanical Garden
Images of Ireland - Dublin Botanical Garden - Seeroses

Botanical Garden - Facilities

The Victorian glasshouses include the Great Palm House, Victoria or Aquatic House, the Cactus and Succulent House and the Fern House.
Oh, I shouldn't forget to mention the gift shop and the restaurant, tea and good dinner available.

Botanical Garden - Waterlilies

The gigantic Amazon water lilies captured my interest and my dreams. Fairy tales come to my mind of kids, who need to get over a lake and by the help of water lily leaves they survive the danger. Or pictures of little babies sleeping on a waterlily leaf ... there is something magical around these plants, no matter how big they are. It's a pity, this giants were not blooming. But to see hundreds of various blooming lovely water lilies click here

Images of Ireland - Dublin Botanical Garden - Seeroses
Images of Ireland - Dublin Botanical Garden - Farn

Botanical Garden - Fern

In the huge glasshouses with the gigantic exotic plants I felt like a dwarf. This fern looked somewhat strange. The massive specimen of the tree fern Todea barbara was a gift from the Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne to the Trinity College Botanical Garden and was transferred to Glasnevin in 1969. They say, it's 400 years old. The embryonic leaf was about 7 feet high.
In the year 1855 Thomas Moore produced prints of wild Ferns in England and Ireland.

Botanical Garden - Varieties

The diverse plant collection reflects teaching and research needs. The world comes together in this garden and the visitor will marvel at the variety of plants, nature developed. And because it is such a quiet peaceful place, one's mind gets a rest from the daily business and the feeling of humbleness is never far.
For those who want to improve their own garden and make it a good place to live in, there are many websites with tips for gardening, even for those who want to grow the garden without pesticides.

Images of Ireland - Dublin Botanical Garden - Cactus
Images of Ireland - Muckross Gardens

Muckross Gardens - Design

Muckross Gardens in County Kerry are renowned for their fine collection of rhododendron species and hybrids and azaleas. There is an extensive water-garden and a rock-garden on a natural limestone outcrop. Many tender and exotic trees flourish in the mild climate and sheltered location around the large expanse of informal lawn and in the Arboretum.

Muckross Gardens - Lake View

Walking the Muckross Garden and then having a tea on the patio of the Garden Restaurant is a must for me, when I am in Killarney, a personal tradition. I could spend hours watching the English Garden or on the other side the Muckross Lake and the mountains. A virtual panorama view shows the wide stretching lawns and Muckross House.

Images of Ireland - Muckross Gardens
Images of Ireland - Muckross Gardens

Muckross Gardens - One of many

Ireland has lots of wonderful and well planned gardens. Some of them have an almost mediterranean atmosphere. A list of gardens is available on websites such as Tourism Recources, Garden Visit or Visit Ireland. I want to promote one special site, just because it is very welldone. It shows many pictures of the National Garden Exhibition Centre in the Wicklow Mountains. I haven't seen it yet, but will surely do one day.

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