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Images of Ireland - Co._Donegal - Colm Sweeney, Artisan

Colm Sweeney

Artisan in Ardara, County Donegal, passionated ecologist and keeper of Irish traditions, such as weaving tapestries of wool, naturally dyed with plants. Colm Sweeney gives exhibitions of tapestry making on a traditional loom in the Heritage Centre, Ardara. I took a while just to watch him working and listen to his sad reflection about the loss of the old and far healthier ways of agriculture in Ireland.

Maírín and Gerry McGuire-Murphy

The owners of the lovely Drom Caoin B & B in Belmullet, County Mayo. Maírín teaches Reception Skills and Food Hygiene and other important things about tourism. Gerry is retired teacher and fisherman, one of those who like dry weather better than rain.

Images of Ireland - Co.Mayo - Maírín and Gerry McGuire-Murphy
Images of Ireland - Dublin - Daily Duty

Daily Duty

Housewife's day to day life, full of work. This lady in Dublin polished the sign of brass with a passion I never will reach.


A shot around the corner ... hiding behind someone's back I took this picture and felt bad about it. You shouldn't take pictures without asking, but then again ... you will never get snapshots if you first go and ask: "Excuse me, could you just pretend to empty your pint?" Before you have the camera fixed again the Guinness is gone down the throat, so what...

This young man and his fellows, by the way, entertained the pub with spontaneous singing of rebelsongs with strong voices - pictures of an old brotherhood of men came up in my mind.

Images of Ireland - Dublin - Slaínte
Images of Ireland - County Galway - Coke or what?

Coke or what?

It is a bottle of Coke, but I doubt it's Coke inside. Seen in Galway City - seen and heard, cause this Irishman could be teacher for swears. Something like:

English - May the worms stab your cornflakes.
Irish - Go ropa na péisteoga do chuid calóga arbhair.
Phonetic - guh RO-puh nuh PAYSH-choh-guh duh khwihj KAH-lo-guh AH-ruh-wir.

Enjoy creating curses in both languages on the Curse Engine

Bad Luck

These things happen - not only in Galway City

Images of Ireland - County Galway - Bad luck
Images of Ireland - County Waterford - Friend and Helper

Friend and Helper

Ok, there are several reason to like traffic wardens not too much, but ask them for the best local restaurant and they appear to be very friendly and talkative. My American friend Mornan's reply: "Thanks, honey!"

Willie Clancy Summerschool

The "Boss" and the priest who care for the summerschool in Miltown Malbay, County Clare. First is responsible for organisation stuff, the other for the spirit's health after excessive alcohol consumption of musicians and visitors. The Willie Clancy Summer School will take place from July 3 to July 11, 2004. It is the largest summer school worldwide for traditional Irish music, song and dance. It has over 100 work-shops conducted by leading traditional artists.

Images of Ireland - County Clare - Miltown Malbay - Willie Clancy Summerschool
Images of Ireland - County Clare - Miltown Malbay - Local and Tourist

Local and Tourist

One of my own favourite photos, looking at the old man the pictures of Irish poets come to my mind. He looks like a real deep thinker. And the tourist - oh well, the usual, sun-glasses, Aran jumper and always attempted to get private contact. Just portrayed myself, did you get the message?
The picture is taken on Miltown Malbay's cemetery, where Willie Clancy is buried.

Mrs. Campbell

This lovely lady in Ardara, County Donegal, and me had such a nice talk about taking pictures and how shy we are and endless looks into the mirror - "I can't show up with this hair, Misses from Germany!" "It's lovely, don't worry." - and then she told me I would come back to Ireland many times, which was very visionary and true, well, to make a long story short, I forgot to pay my jumper I bought from her Campbell's Tweed & Knitwear. Jayzus, was I embarrassed when I realized, she let me go and didn't think about money either. So I crawled back and the lady was so happy about German honesty, that she gave me a little gift. I wear that jumper whenever I sit at the computer and work at this site and the little sheep toy - it follows me wherever I go.

Images of Ireland - County Donegal - Ardara - Mrs. Campbell
Images of Ireland - County Kerry - Killarney - Boatsman Joe

Boatsman Joe

In best Kerry accent Joe, boatsman on the Killarney Lakes, explains the route from Ross Castle all along the way to the Gap of Dunloe or Kylemore Abbey. He and his colleagues found their own company and share their income.
Joe is married to the lakes, so to speak. He says, here he finds his peace of mind and the best time for him is on the water.

Storm Jo

This is no Leprachaun, far from it! This lady is founder of two internet groups with forum and chat, both called Real Ireland, which means, Ireland as it is now, a modern country with ancient remains. The MSN - group has more than 2100 members, not all active, of course. Real Ireland 2 is smaller but independent from computer giant Microsoft.
Jo lives in in County Mayo with husband Carl, four dogs and three cats. Carl runs a computer company called MayoWeb.

Images of Ireland - County Mayo - Storm Jo
Images of Ireland - County Offaly - Shannonbridge - Barkeeper


For a proper meal in Shannonbridge Maise's Pub was recommended, but Killeens Pub, so we were told, is for socializing. In 1990 Killeens pub was extended to twice its original size to cater for the growing number of tourists who were literally flowing out the door. And indeed, the barman was very busy but never lost his tranquility and humour. Good music and craic - a really nice evening.

Old Age

Old, lonesome, poor ... getting old isn't easy at all, even though Ireland takes care for old people - financially the situation is better than it was in the last decades. But there is a downside of the Celtic Tiger.

Images of Ireland - County Waterford - Old Man
Images of Ireland - County Kerry - Horse and Master

Horse and Master

Two men posing ... at Muckross House.

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