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Images of Ireland - London Stansted - Relaxing Steward

Relaxing Steward

This Ryan Air Steward was kinda helpful and friendly during the flight from Germany to London Stansted, but how shocked was I when I saw him shooting on virtual prominents. Well, he had fun and I bet the plastic machine gun is a perfect relaxation ... uugh, take this, you fecker .. aaahw ..this is for you, bloody bastard ... just for the case a tourist was upset and gave out about the fact, that you have to pay for your Guinness in the airplane. Ryan Air offers psychological help. Isn't that nice? UUUGH ...

Anti Terror Training

Another reason for this computer game could be undercover training against terror attacks in airplanes. I mean, the crew has to learn this stuff anyway. I thought, if this steward would accompany the connecting flight to Cork I would feel pretty safe. He was actually really good with the gun. Guess he had to go back to Germany though and we had the smartest redheaded steward you can think of. He looked like a true pacifist and don't we need peace more than everything else?

Images of Ireland - London Stansted - Anti Terror Training
Images of Ireland - Co.Cavan - Speciality Chemicals

Speciality Chemicals

Besides peace ... what else do we need if we follow the European Agenda 2000? A healthy environment, eeh? But even in the deepest Irish jungle there are hidden treasures such as old rusty barrels of chemicals and no-one cares. This one was seen in Belturbet, County Cavan. The Ireland's few woods are full of dump. The Ireland for tourists knows to whitewash these things and you will find it to be a perfect dreamland as long as you keep the selective prospect. But look around - beyond that nature is spoiled without thinking or comprehension in many places.

Warning Sign

Note - no hawkers, tinkers or travelling people not allowed into my premises.

This sign in the Glen of Aherlow, County Tipperary, tells a lot about the way people still think when Travelling People appear and ask for a place to rest. I wonder, would St. Berrihert, who lived a few yards away, appreciate such a sign? Wouldn't he expect people to open their door for strangers? The design is funny enough, seems it was written in haste, probably someone saw the Travellers coming up the road and rushed to get the crayon. Nowadays it looks shabby, but I bet, the owners of the house still mean it.

Images of Ireland - Co.Tipperary - Warning Sign
Images of Ireland - Dublin - Golf Green

Golf Green

Ireland, the golfers paradise? I know it is since I saw the Botanical Garden in Dublin has test series for golf green. They make a lot of effort to find the perfect sod. This is only one of many fields with different seed mixtures. Sadly, the golf courses spoil valuable places of nature.

Golf Green

"Golf Green ( Sodded ) - Agrostis Stolonifera Creeping Bent - Pencross 50% Providence 50%."
Especially the dunes suffer from the enthusiasm with which tourists are attracked to spend their holidays on the course. Even the best sod can't help it. This test is wasted money in my humble opinion.

Images of Ireland - Dublin - Golf Green
Images of Ireland - County Clare - Quilty - Gaeltacht meets Hollywood

Gaeltacht meets Hollywood

Does this picture need words? Both houses in the little town of Quilty, County Clare, are in neighbourhood, the cottage to the right, the Dallas Villa to the left of the road. What comforts the bothered eyes are the black clouds that are pouring on both houses and I bet, the cottage with the turf fire is far more comfortable and cosy when the rough winds blow across the roof.

Ocean Pool

It could be a funny view, this swimming pool right next to the ocean in Belmullet, County Mayo. It looks strange enough alright. Why don't they just go and have a bath in the ocean? Because 3 children drowned some years ago as to read in the Traveller's Memorial, a very sad story. This pool is guarded and swimming lessons can be booked.

Images of Ireland - County Mayo - Belmullet - Ocean Pool
Images of Ireland - County Mayo - Binghamstown - Poshy Gate

Poshy Gate

Even after deep thinking and a proper look at this gate I can't figure out what this gate in Binghamstown, County Mayo, is for. The smaller gate in front of the big one wouldn't allow a van or even a normal car to pass. The huge wall isn't good for nothing really. It doesn't even prevent nosey looks. A wonder there's no barbed wire on top. In my eyes this is ridiculous and just to show prosperity, end of story.

Bearish Lovers

Well, uuuhm, now ... what can I say ... lovely teddies, found behind a shop window in Belmullet, County Mayo. Catched my attention cause a bunch of kids were standing there right after mass, staring at the happy bearish ongoing and the sweet little shouts of pleasure out of innocent children's mouths - I couldn't resist to take this pictures.

Images of Ireland - County Mayo - Belmullet - Bearish Lovers
Images of Ireland - County Mayo - Belmullet - Bearish Lovers

Bearish Lovers

Look how clean and bright the shelf is. Someone must polish the bears bedroom with passion every day. The sad thing about these little sculptures is not that they are good for a local scandal, no .. the sad thing is - they were too fecking expensive to buy even one ... errr .. two of them.

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