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Muckross House

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Muckross House - Welcome

Muckross House near Killarney in County Kerry was built in 1843 at Muckross Lake for Henry Arthur Herbert, the member of parliament for Kerry. Many important guests were entertained at Muckross, most notably Queen Victoria of England in 1861.

Muckross House - Autumn

Muckross House is one of Ireland's leading stately homes. It is beautifully situated amidst the spectacular scenery of Killarney National Park and the 11 000 acres of land were actually Ireland's first National Park.

Muckross House - Childrens Room

The rooms are elegantly furnished and portray the lifestyles of the landed gentry, in the basement downstairs one can see the working conditions of the servants, who were employed in the house.
I liked the children's room. Such a peaceful atmosphere, just to imagine they were brought up with the view over lakes and mountains. Well, as kids are, they probably didn't care.

Muckross House - Lady's Room

A picture of leisure, isn't it? Sometimes I think, I am born in the wrong century and society. Muckross House is worth a visit, just to see, what we miss in our life full of pain and stress. A walk through the gardens is recommended and a tea in the garden restaurant of course.

Muckross House - Magical Mirror

I wonder, what Queen Victoria got to see, when she looked into this fabulous mirror. Anyway, elaborate preparations had been carried out at Muckross for the Royal visit. Tapestries, mirrors, Persian carpets, silverware, musical instruments, linen, china and servants uniforms, are all said to have been specially commissioned for the occasion. The curtains, which still hang in the Dining Room of Muckross House, were specially woven, probably in Paris, for the occasion. Oh, and then there is the remarkable bedroom, where the Queen spent her nights.

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