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The tragedy of Belmullet

Images of Ireland - County Mayo - Belmullet - Sad Memorial

One early morning I went to the coast of Blacksod Bay near Belmullet, County Mayo, and found this memorial place with fresh flowers and some toys. A little paper said. "For Tisha and Niall". Asking in our B&B I heard a sad story about two traveller children who drowned at the Bay of Belmullet. I've put that story on this website as a worldwide memorial. But then I got email from a family member and other residents of Belmullet who told me, the information I got was plain wrong. The children were residents of the town of Belmullet and the family is well liked in their local community.

To hear and read the true story saddened me and I still want to keep the memory of the two children as a reminder, how quick life can turn into a tragedy and changes everything. We never consider that it can happen to each of us in the next minute in each and every place on earth.

So here is the true story:
The death of of Niall and Trisha was the result of a tragic accident, the younger of the two, Niall, was swept out to sea on an inflatable lilo (air bed). Trisha attempted to rescue him but was also lost to the sea. The family had to watch the brave but unsuccessful attempts of help. A small crowd, including many children, came to the shore and also watched the drama. For the lifeguards from the freshwater swimming pool the place was out of site and though they were alarmed immediately, it was too late to resuscitate. It was a shock for all of the community, but how much more for the parents.

This article about the tragedy may help readers to sympathise with the family and think of Ireland in a deeper sense than just tourism.

Images of Ireland - County Mayo - Belmullet - Memorial

Some 100 feet down the coast there is another memorial, with toys again - and so I heard the other sad story:
One month after the death of Niall and Trisha a Belmullet father and his son wanted to carry some sheep over to an isle. They went out with the boat. Nobody really knows how it happened, but the boat sank in the middle of the bay, the father was rescued, but the son was never found, although first he could hold on to some wood, he had no chance.
My prayers and thoughts are with both families

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