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Dublin - Garden of Remembrance

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Dublin - Garden of Remembrance

Thomas Patrick Sheridan,
Dublin 2002

What makes Dublin a remarkable city is not that it has grand public buildings that scream out at you, but rather odd little structures and facades here and there that beckon you over almost like a dodgy character on a street corner trying to sell you a 'a genuine Rolex'. You can learn so much about that city just by looking up above the level of shopfronts.

I find it slightly annoying that you always see tourist brochures with the mundane GPO and you never see images of the stunning mosaics in the pond at the Garden of Remembrance in Parnell Square which as far as I am concerned is more of a poignant tribute to the men and women who gave their lives freeing this country.

Dublin - Garden of Remembrance

The wife and I went for a walk there a few weeks ago and it was a lovely sunny Sunday morning and we were sitting on the bench having a cuddle. In front of us were this Hindu couple and their young baby daughter. The proud father and mother were making a video of the little girl in the Garden of Remembrance obviously for their family back in India. Filming the little girl with the giant Children of Lir bronze statue in the background. The affection that these two people had for their child was very touching.

In a park, that was dedicated to freeing Ireland in 1916, now in 2002 is an immigrant couple that have found a different kind of freedom filming the next generation of Irish people in a place devoted to the liberation of the Irish identity. It was ironic and beautiful, while being fantastically contradictory at the same time. The children of Lir and a child of the Vedas together in a place dedicated to Irishness. This is the Irish reality, while 'Liberty' Hall is a fraud. I think we get more Irish as a people the further we get away from the likes James Connolly and Patrick Pearse.

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